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Bachelor Party Stripper Expert Advice:
How To Keep A Bachelor Party Stripper At Your Party Longer

By: Carrie Cameron

Bachelor Party StrippersFirst off, let me commend you for coming to Bachelor Party Fun to find entertainment and bachelor party plans and ideas. They are quite beneficial when trying to plan a perfect bachelor party and I've enjoyed my association with this website, its reputable, respectable, fun and interesting.

I've been a bachelor party planner and event coordinator in the New Orleans area for a number of years, and I've seen just about every crazy thing imaginable and entertained hundred's of bachelor party visitors and guests in this area.

Now, lets just be honest, when it comes to bachelor parties, having bachelor party exotic entertainers is the way to go. Stripclubs are lots of fun, but when its time to leave (usually after about 20 minutes), you end up right back where you started, except with empty pockets, and fond memories of um....what was her name again? With the proper planning, you can have your cake and eat it too, stay in a budget and throw a perfect bachelor party, as the best man, you'll find this article extremely helpful. Don't screw up your friends bachelor party as it will one day be your bachelor party too if it hasn't already!

In my experience, when you have the entertainers come to YOU, there is more flexibility for your group. Everyone is in one place and there is a world of enticement right in your face and over-all, you even spend less money. Many of you have been to these types of bachelor parties and know exactly what I'm talking about. Now its great fun, but there's one thing you probably really want to know.. how to keep the entertainers there...and that's what I'm going to teach you.

Generally outsourced strippers charge by the hour and expect tips along the way. Also, you should do your homework on the company you choose because a lot of websites don't use the entertainers that are on their websites. They send you whomever they have on call and its usually not going to be pretty. When choosing your company, the cheapest is never the way to go and if the word 'tip', is every other word out of their mouth, run the other way. Hot girls are NOT going to do a 2 hour show for next to nothing when they can make a lot in an hour at the stripclub.

Be wary of any company that tries to sell you smoke and mirrors. The best rule of thumb is to have one bachelor party entertainer if you are in a group of 5 or less, two entertainers if you have a group of 6-20 and three for 20 or more guys. There is generally a walk-in fee and the entertainers are tipped just as they would be in a stripclub. You can usually negotiate the price as well while you are still on the phone with the booking agent. There is a minimum that they aren't allowed to go under, but its usually lower than their website price or their initial quote. Think about it, they want your business right? Now, keep that in mind because now you have hot bachelor party strippers and you are having a great time, your time grows closer to the end and your about to get hit with another fee, that is, if you want them to stay.

See, this is where you actually have the most leverage. The head entertainer will evaluate in her head whether or not its worth staying.. and these are the things that are running through her mind:

Are these guys nice or over-all kind of creepy...did they tip well, were they polite? Also, she knows there is a renewal fee, but is it worth it to renew and take the chance you don't want to spend it or would they benefit more personally by waiving the fee? Let me be honest with you, I've never seen a stripper walk away from money, but instead of renewing her time.. suggest that you continue to do dances and will continue to tip them. This always works unless they have a show afterwards, so its best to be the last show of the evening if at all possible. That will also increase your chances of keeping them there longer.

This is a party and they are there to have fun, so make their experience there as comfortable as possible. When booking your entertainers, ask the agent questions about the entertainers that will be coming to you. Find out what they would like to drink, try to get a good feel for the type of entertainers that will be coming to you. Most of my entertainers are sent out in pair's, Rarely do the gentlemen need more than two or request just one. Now when you break that down with your group each of you end up spending a lot less, you get more dances and your group actually gets the attention you'd have to share with a room full of strangers in a club. You're bachelor should always have some kind of attention, the best man should get a lot of attention as well, frankly its much more interesting than a club. But if you have a good bachelor party planner, which I strongly suggest, you can get stripclub passes as well.

Ask your planner. My bachelor party planners have numerous strip club passes for bachelor parties and get paid with the walk in fee (see where it benefits them to quote you the website price?), so it shouldn't cost you more money to have a planner step in and help, it actually costs less.

They want your business and your referrals, word of mouth is extremely important in this business. So keep these things in mind when you are throwing your bachelor party. Also, find out what kind of packages they have, what kinds of options do you have, planners can even help you find lodging and get you in nightclubs on guestlists as well. Takes a lot of the guess work out of planning. I look forward to writing to you again in the future. If you have any questions you'd like me to answer please feel free to ask we are the leading source for bachelor parties in New Orleans and love helping, especially if you are coming to the New Orleans area. I hope this article will be helpful for you and I hope you guys have a fantastic bachelor party!

If you have more bachelor party planning questions for Carrie, please email us at and Carrie will answer them!