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A popular idea for the bachelor party is to hire a limousine service in your area to take around you and your buddies on the groom's last night out! Before you choose the right limo company for the bachelor party, there are a few tips that may help:

1) Have you been referred to the limo company? On our bachelor party limo directory above, choose the state of choice and find a reputable limousine company. You can also ask around to friends as "word of mouth" is also important in finding a reputable bachelor limo company. I have heard of many things going wrong such as the limo company not showing up or having bad customer service, so make sure to ask around and use our network above.

2) How much is it going to cost? Make sure to ask the limo company on how much the day/evening festivities will be. There is usually a package rate for a certain amount of hours plus gratuity (tip). Make sure the bachelor party participants understand how much the limousine is up front so you can collect the money. Many times, you have to place a credit card down as well as a security deposit so make sure to have a responsible point person who will also ask up front for everyone's money who is chipping in.

3) What type of bachelor party limo do you want? Make sure to find out what types of limos or bachelor party busses the company owns. You can get anything from a Cadillac or Hummer limousine to a large classic stretch limo. My favorite are the Bentley limousines that rock!

4) What does the limo come with? Find out what the limousine comes equipped with. Some of the common things are dvd, stereo, great sound system, lights, alcohol and other beverages, and video game consol. Find out what is included in the price?

5) Order the limousine early and re-confirm a few days before the party. Make sure to ask the limousine company to confirm a few days prior to the party or call them direct. There are times when the limousines that was wanted mysteriously does not show up as it is at another party (that the company got more money for).

6) Ask about group rates. In today's age of gas being more than food and a soft economy, ask the limousine company if they give bachelor party discounts. You may get lucky!

7) VIP passes. Find out if the limousine company has access/VIP to bars and clubs which will make it easier for you to get you and the bachelor party into the hot spots.

8) Plan your evening. Don't have the limousine driver have no destination as it is a waste of your money. Map out your bachelor party course in advance so you can have a rough estimate on where you are going.

9) Tip the driver. Make sure to have enough to tip the driver as he is taking you and your crazy friends around for the evening and has to deal with a lot of crap. Ask the company in advance if they place gratuity into the price or if you pay separate. Just make sure to be cool with the tip!

10) Bring Drinks and Munchies. The best bachelor party limo rides have your favorite munchies and drinks. If you don't bring the food and drink with you, stop off at a near-by store and load up! The limousine company may already have loaded up the limousine which you can ask about when calling and setting up the bachelor party festivities.

Just make sure to have a great time and not to trash the limousine. Party like rock stars without the damage. Remember to not drink and drive which is why a limousine company is our bachelor party transportation pick!