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The most important feature of planning your bachelor party in 2013 (besides the company of good friends and prime location) is entertainment.
We have listed some of the most popular and unique bachelor party entertainment below. You will find all the information you need to throw a raging and memorable bachelor party for your groom. Just remember to plan a party that would be of the interest to the groom and not outside of his comfort level.

Co-ed Bachelor Party - For those of you planning a party with bachelors and bachelorettes included.
Bachelor Party Stripper Tips
- How to choose the best bachelor party stripper.
Bachelor Party Budget - Great ways to save money when planning a bachelor party.
Top 10 Bachelor Party Hangover Tips - Tips to help ease the pain of a hangover.

Bachelor Party Limo or Party Bus

Bachelor Party Limo & Party Bus
Below we have listed the top bachelor party limo and party bus companies through out the US. Select your state of choice and let the fun begin.:

Exotic Limos Las Vegas (NV)
Crossroads Limousines (TX)
First Class Limos (OH)
Mad City Party Bus (WI)
Metro Limousine Service (NY)
Royalty Limousines (NY)
Cali Party Bus (San Diego - CA)
Strippers on Wheels (LA) (NATIONAL)

Limo Directory

Bachelor Party Poker Tournaments!
Get pumped up for your bachelor party with an online poker tournament before the festivities begin! Have each bachelor click on the link below to get set up, then choose which tournament you want all the bachelors to play in, and play for bragging rights and cash!

Travel to Vegas - Planning a Vegas Bachelor Party? - These guys are the Vegas bachelor party experts. You only get one shot at making your party a success, so click here to check out their bachelor party packages.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving - The experience is similar to skydiving with the addition of a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls. Guests are able to simulate the freefall aspect of skydiving without the use of an airplane or parachute. They use a Vertical Wind Tunnel to produce an indoor skydiving experience, producing enough wind to support the weight of an average adult. Each flyer will attend a brief training class, suit up in all the necessary flight gear, then jump in the tunnel and fly. A great experience for the bachelorette party group!

Drinking Games - Stay home and mix drinks, watch stag movies and hang with friends!

Stag Films - Great entertainment for your bachelor party, etc.

Restaurants - Have a great meal with the guys at your favorite restaurant.

Golf- One of the top activities for Bachelor parties is golf.

Bar Hoping/Dance Clubs - What can be more of a crazy time than getting a party bus or cabs and going to the bar(s) of your choice. Check out our top Drinks & Shots.

Theme Party - Have the Bachelor party at a friend's house or out on the town but make it a theme party! (i.e., Hawaiian, 70's, Jailbird, etc). You can even play games that are listed on our games section.

Concerts - Rock out with the bachelor party to your favorite concert! It will make for a memorable bachelor party with you and your friends.

Go Bowling or Arcade Type Place with the Girls - A fun bachelor party event is to go to an arcade type bar or go bowling so you can have a relaxing time with the groom and guys while being a little competitive. There are places like these around the nation that offer a one stop shop of bar and entertainment (ski ball, video games, dancing, neon bowling lanes, great music!) If you are in Los Angeles for your bachelor party.

Hire an Adult Star!
If you want the ultimate in bachelor party planning and to party like rock stars and be accompanied by real adult movie stars like Nikita Denise, Taylor Tilden, Phylisha Anne, and Brooke Belle who will show up and show you and your buddies a great time at the bachelor party.

Go Skydiving or Bunji Chord Jumping - If you want an adrenaline jumping bachelor party, take the guys out for a ride of their life with skydiving or bunji chord jumping. Make sure to bring a camera and you will have a most memorable bachelor party!

Paint Ball Party - Get all the guys to have a friendly bachelor party game of paint ball wars. Split into teams and have a bachelor party blow up doll as the damsel in distress that you need to save. You will have loads of fun!

Shoot em Up! - Why use paint balls when you can shoot the real thing! Many indoor and outdoor shooting ranges offer the rental of all sorts of guns, including legal-to-shoot machine guns! This is a great form of intense entertainment for any bachelor party.

Bachelor Party History - Give a little history lesson to the bachelors by taking them to a historical site which can be a battleground, house, item of significance and let them know a little history about the moment. There is nothing like bringing in a little education before blacking out and not remembering anything - like college!


Bachelor Party Stripper and Strip Clubs

Strip Bars and Bachelor Party Strippers - For adult entertainment, going to a strip bar or hiring a bachelor party stripper will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Visit our nationwide directory for a strip club or stripper service near you.

Sams Hofbrau (Los Angeles, California)
Topshelf Entertainment (Atlanta, Georgia)
Sapphire Gentlemen's Club (NV)
OG Vegas (Las Vegas)

Penthouse Executive Club (NY)
Shamrock Entertainment (MA-RI)
Canada Bachelor Planning (CANADA)
Orange County Strippers (CA)
Sin City Strippers (NV)
Florida Female Strippers (FL)
Montreal VIP (Canada)
Sin City Bachelor Party (NV)
Elite Entertainment (CA)
Party Time Limosuine Service (TN)
Treasures Las Vegas (NV)
Strippers For You (NATIONWIDE)

Remember to have the guys sign the Oath of Secrecy before walking into the club or enjoying your home entertainment.

Vegas Party Planning - If you are going to Vegas for your bachelor party and want to make the party a major hit, check out our Vegas section for lots of info.

Also check out one of the great and memorable tours you can take with the groomsmen. Check out our bachelor Las Vegas section which has great tours.

Games and Fun - Paintball is a great way to celebrate a bachelor party.

Amusement Park - Some more popular local Bachelor party day events consist of going to an amusement park.

We DJ - If you need to hire a DJ for a party, visit our links page for as national DJ directory.

Theater - For a more formal evening, choose a theater event for the bachelor party to attend.

Sporting Events - There is nothing like being with your buddies at your favorite team event for the bachelor party! Sit down with some beer, hotdogs and peanuts while rooting for your team! The bachelor may bring good luck to the game.

Mexico Bound - Can you say casita and dos equis? Mexico is an excellent place to have your bachelor party, especially over the summer season! There are so many great values in the beautiful cities of Mexico, no matter if you want to visit Acapulco, Mexico City, Mazatlan, Cancun and many more! There are great deals you can get through travel agents as well as through friends. Although Mexico has been under scrutiny with corruption, it is only in certain parts that you want to stay away from, not the entire country. Nightlife has a huge part of Mexico's attraction and you and your friends will have a memorable time if able to go to Mexico for your last night out.

Comedy Club Fun - A great way to celebrate the bachelor party is with your buddies at a comedy club in your area. You can find great venues nationwide that have dinner, drinks and entertainment. You only know that the comedians would love to roast the groom! Make sure to contact the comedy club of choice in advance and ask for bachelor party / group discounts!

Blow Up Doll Racing - A really fun bachelor party game includes getting a few bachelor party blow up dolls as well as a few hand pumps and having a race to see who can blow up the inflatable first and dress them in some sassy clothing you purchase (that can be given to the groom for the bride to be later). A really great bachelor party game to play.





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