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How to Meet and Date A Stripper
By Brad Stuart

Bachelor Party StripperOne of the most common activities to do at a bachelor party is to go to a strip club and enjoy some good 'ole entertainment with you and your friends. There have been many bachelor party occasions when a guy actually comes back with a story about how he met a dancer at a club and either had sex with her that night of the bachelor party or started to date her outside of the club.

The question comes to many bachelor's minds, "How do guys pull this off?". I am here to tell you. The information I state below is true and, yes, I did date a few strippers by learning and following the information below. First, make sure this is something you want to do as strippers are usually very strong willed and independent girls that will eat up the typical guy. There cannot be any jealousy or you are doomed from the start. If you are fine with a one-night stand or really want to date a stripper, please read on.

A strip club is no more than a place where girls go to work and make money, just like any other job, even though it involves taking their clothes off, placing their legs around their head and lap dancing! There are different types of women that work at a strip club just like there are many types of people at any job. The difference is that they are easier to watch and classify at a club which is your first clue. The following are a few types of women that work in strip clubs:

The Lesbian: Forget it guys...This girl is just there to work and go home to her girlfriend after a night of entertainment. She may fool you into giving you dances but you have no chance.

The Man Hater: There unfortunately is a type of woman who has been abused in the recent or distant past and is taking her aggression out on males at the club. She may be more into control than the others and will not be going home or giving her number out. If she does, she will give you a wrong number. She is there to make money off of you and get out of Dodge.

The Veteran: This dancer prays on bachelor party participants and will try and make as much money off of you as possible. She will be real flirtsey and act like your special...yea, special for the night you are there. She will invite you back for another night saying what time she gets to the club and hopes she sees you there (so she can make double the amount of money on you).

The Siamese Twin: These girls hang out in pairs and work the audience together. They will either ask one bachelor if they want a dance as a threesome or find a group of guys (like in a bachelor party) and work the group together. They are interested in competing for who can make the most and are most likely not interested in hanging out with you and the guys after.

The "Do You Want a Dance" Dancer: You can see this stripper coming from a mile away since she asks everyone and their father around you if they want to dance before they get to you. This is either a clueless girl or one that really doesn't care about rejection or who they dance with.

Bachelor Party StrippersThe Date (The Golden Stripper): There is a certain type of woman that may have recently moved to a new place, is just starting out her career and needs more money, is a single mom needing to pay her bills or just someone who does not mind offering nude entertainment. The following are usually characteristics of this type of dancer:

  1. She usually does not have many friends in the club since she keeps to herself. If she does know others in the club, it is usually only one other friend who she does not dance around.
  2. She is usually selective and may walk around, getting a drink and sitting with others to talk, not always trying to find another poor soul looking for someone on his lap.
  3. She is usually playful and will want to sit and talk before asking if you want a dance. There may even be a long stretch of time before the idea of getting a dance comes up.
  4. When she does have to dance up on stage or go to the bathroom, she will state that she is coming back if you want her to.
  5. She seems to want to have a nice conversation about things other than body parts and sexual positions.

The key to finding this type of girl is to keep all entertainment off of your lap until you find the one who you are attracted to and who wants to sit on your lap or a chair next to you (and not immediately ask if you want a dance). She will usually kid around with you and ask a whole bunch of questions, focusing on you and not looking around at who she will prey on next. It is important at this point to:

  1. Buy her a drink if she is interested
  2. Ask her genuine questions about who she is outside of the club
  3. Don't ask her for a dance and play it cool. If you do want a dance from her, wait at least 20-30 min before you ask, unless she brings it up first.
  4. Be comfortable and confident in who you are. Don't be a pig
  5. See if you have anything in common (music, hobbies, interests) since it will bring you closer

After a while of clowning around and getting to know one-another, you may get a few dances from her by her offering or you offering. It is okay to enjoy the dance and let her know how much you enjoy it. Compliment her assets other than her ASSets. Focus on her hair, eyes, get it. She has enough men trying to grab her and squeeze her tits.

Time will fly if you find someone who you connect with and enjoy speaking and getting dances from. After a significant amount of time or if the bachelor party is going to leave, decide whether you want to stay. If you find yourself spending a lot of money on her, she may be faking you out and taking you for all your money. If you find the entertainer who wants to date, they will not be trying to milk you dry but spend more time with you sitting and talking. At some point after getting to know her, it is okay to let her know how much fun you are having and that you would like to see her outside of the club. At this point she may say:

  1. No, I have a boyfriend or It is not company policy - It is time for you to go home with the other bachelor party participants or find another dancer if the night is young
  2. Why don't you come back tomorrow night and we can talk more - Can be a genuine request but feel out the situation to see if she is taking you for more money and no chance for a date.
  3. Here is my card - Again, may lead to a dead end or a pager number that she will call you back on when she has time between her other dances with other guys.
  4. Yes even though I usually don't do this - This is what you wanted to here :) Just make sure she is not a hooker and wants to take you back to a room to ask you for money for services. You may be well on your way to having a story on how at your friend's bachelor party you met your future wife! Believe me, it has happened since I have a few friends that married the dancers they met and are now working normal jobs and raising families.

It can happen to you as well. Enjoy the bachelor party!

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