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Bachelor Party Invitations - Etiquette

When should the RSVP'S go out? The bachelor party invitations should go out at least one to two months prior  to the party. The rule of thumb is that if you are going out of town for the party, give the guys at least 2 months to prepare for the trip, especially if they have a significant other or kids. I have heard and have received bachelor party invitations sometimes 3 months in advance, especially if it is in Vegas since the rooms sell out so fast. You can also by-pass sending out bachelor party invitations and collect all the groomsmen emails and phone numbers so you can call and email them about the bachelor party.

Get Emails From All The Bachelor Party Participants - We are in the technology era where you do not have to send out bachelor party invitations by the postal service anymore. Instead, get a list of all the bachelor party friends who are going and start sending out emails alerting and then reminding when, where, and what will be happening for your friend's bachelor party. It is great to banter back and forth with some roasts while preparing a few weeks before the bachelor party. Make sure to start this process early to give enough time for guys to schedule this main event! Make sure when sending out bachelor party emails that you clear which email is okay to send to. Some people get male at work and if you start speaking about strippers and animal behavior, it may not go well with someone's boss or co-workers.

Include Everything You Can In The Bachelor Party Invitations - Whether you are sending our actual bachelor party invitations or e-vites, make sure to answer the questions of when (time and date(s), where the bachelor party will take place, how many days, any themes/costumes needed, bachelor party supplies that are needed and what you need from everyone as for payment. Don't wait until the last second to plan this and make sure someone is in charge as if it is left to the masses, nothing will be completed until the last minute.

Introduce New Bachelor Party Friends - The groom or best man should help make introductions by scheduling one phone conference for all to meet each other (if not all bachelor party participants know each other). This way, it start the bachelor party planning and other wedding events out nicely where everyone knows one-another!

Who Usually Plans The Bachelor Party - The bachelor party is traditionally planned by the Best Man. In recent times, this tradition has now led to other groomsmen jumping in and helping out. It is great to get as many people to help as possible to make it a memorable party.

Bachelor Party History - history of the bachelor party is written to have originated with a "bachelor dinner" that was traditional in ancient Sparta (5th century). Soldiers would toast each other on the eve of a friend's wedding. Out of this tradition grew a more formal party that evolved into wild partying which was portrayed in the 1984 movie Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks. In Europe, the bachelor party is called Stag Party which has the same traditions. Much of what happens today is less traditional from only a dinner and now has turned into a full blow party that sometimes is a long weekend in places like a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Paying? Get the money up-front! Just because you are planning the party does not mean you have to pay Bachelor Party Fundingfor the bachelor party, even the bachelor party invitations, by yourself! Copy this page and show other guys who think that they don't need to chip in that THEY DO! You are doing your part in planning the party and each guy should chip in some money. It would be great to add up the possible expenses, including everyone paying for the bachelor (who should not pay for anything). Give each guy the amount you need and state that they need to pay in advance or when they show up! There are so many occasions when guys may say "well I don't have the money", "I will pay you later", "I forgot my wallet but I promise to send it to you". Most likely you will not get money from them and so it is important so you can have a good time that you don't have to think about the money so get it up front!

What should we do? Make sure it fits what the Groom likes since it is really his party, even though some of the guys may forget! Whether you go away, to a strip club, a bar, or at someone's house, the party will be fun with all the guys hangin together!

It is customary to say a few words and make a toast (if you are the planner of the party). Rehearse some lines before the party starts, it doesn't have to be long. It will leave a lasting impression on your good friend.

Bachelor Party PicturesTake Pictures - But Not of EVERYTHING! Pictures are a great way to capture the bachelor party. Make sure to take pictures of all the guys having a great time! . Just make sure not to take pictures of anything that will get the bachelor or his mates in trouble since you don't want these pictures haunting the bachelor a few years later when his wife finds them!

Don't hang out with chicks too long! The reason for a bachelor party is to have fun with your friends and not to go scam with the ladies! Make sure to remember you are there for your friend. This is not to say a little flirting would be fun (for the non-married guys and those who live on the edge :), just make sure to hang all together. If a guy decides to go off with some lady-friend, leave him be (unless she is drunk and needs assistance) and don't give him a hard time unless he is being a "Larry". Your job is to make sure the Bachelor has fun.

Bachelor Party DrinkingDrinking - Drinking can be fun, although don't let the guys get the Bachelor too drunk since he will feel like crap the next day or even that night and not be able to be a strong part of his own bachelor party. Remember, you want him to be able to remember some of the evening. If one guy is trying to get the bachelor too drunk, try to stop it with some support from the other guys. This is not to say a buzzed bachelor is not funny and some funny memories can come out of it, just be somewhat responsible. For some really cool bachelor party drinking products click here!

Gifts Ideas - Check out the great gag gifts - A great way to make a memorable night is to look at the bachelor party gag gifts we have here! They are a cheap way of making for some memorable pictures, events and increase the fun of the bachelor party. For more bachelor party favors & gifts, visit our partner Beau-Coup.

What should we do? Make sure whatever you plan fits what the Groom likes since it is really his party, even though some of the groomsmen may forget! Whether you go away, to a strip club, a bar, or at someone's house, the party will be fun with all the guys hanging together! Some of the most popular bachelor party ideas can be found on our bachelor party entertainment or bachelor party location ideas pages. Our top votes are for:

Weekend In Las Vegas
Bar Hopping with Party Buss
Favorite Restaurant and Club
Golf Weekend
Palm Springs, Mexico, or Bahamas
Favorite Concert or Ball Game

These are only a few of the bachelor party ideas we have but we would like to hear from you so we can add your ideas for others!



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