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Bachelor Party Ultimate Travel Checklist

Bachelor Party Travel Tips
Bachelor Party Travel GuideBachelorette Party ChecklistIf you are one of the lucky ones to get out of town for you or your buddy's bachelor party, get ready for some awesome partying with the groomsmen! Before you start planning and packing, we have some helpful tips to make your bachelor party extravaganza the most incredible experience:

1) Planning as early as possible - The early bachelor catches the great deals. Find out as soon as possible the "where's and when's" of the bachelor party venue and call places for group rates. Call a few places and pit them against one another for the best rates. Everyone is looking for business so make this work for you in saving money.

2) Look for great deals on the web - Use the Internet by typing in places where the bachelor wants to go, visit online travel sites, and call a travel agent or party planner. There are tons of excellent deals by searching through the internet highway so make it work for you and the guys.

3) Use Your Rock Star Network - Does anyone going to the bachelor party have connections to the places you are interested in? This is a great question to ask everyone. Using an AAA card or government discount? Have someone work their magic and save lots of money for everyone.

4) The Bachelor "Get In Free" Card - It can't hurt to ask any place you are going to if the bachelor can have a free ride. Whether you are renting a bachelor party limousine, going to a nice restaurant or hotel or strip club, every company is looking for your business and will make you a deal. Use this advice to your advantage. You should also know that if you are in Vegas, ask the taxi drivers for discounted rates to go to strip clubs as they are all spiffed and will give you great rates (sometimes a free ride) since they get paid by the clubs.

5) Collect Money Early - Many times there is a need for deposits to be placed for the companies you may be using. It is common for the Best Man to have the money collection burden which may last way after the bachelor party. Don't be a debt collector. Make sure to ask and collect the money early and be up front with everyone attending. Collect emails and make sure everyone pays to have a confrontation-free party. Be up front and don't shy away from getting the money you deserve so you are not carrying anyone. I went to a bachelor party where someone stiffed the best man over 120.00 and thought it was funny.

6) Ask the groom - An important factor in planning our trip is to make sure you have the approval of the Groom. Understand what type of trip the groom wants to have as it is his bachelor party. You don't want to plan a beach getaway with the guys if the groom wants to be out golfing or at a concert stadium. It is cool to ask the groom on where he wants the bachelor party and what type of party (mild or wild) he is okay with.

7) Traveling Tips - Due to all the security when traveling, make sure to give yourself enough time on the day of travel. Whether you are taking cars, planes, or boats, make sure to leave a cushion of time to your destination so you are not stressing out prior to the bachelor party. Give all the guys ample time to plan.

8) Make a List - A fantastic idea is to create and send out a list of items the guys should remember to bring when traveling. You will be the hero when presenting the list to the bachelors who may have forgotten key items. See below for the bachelor party travel list which is also in a printable format.

The most important key to success is to have a fun and memorable time with the groom. Plan early, be economically savvy, pay attention to the groom and you will have a fantastic and stress free bachelor party extravaganza.

Bachelor Party Travel List
When traveling for your bachelor party, many times one of the girls may forget essential items. Well, not anymore if you give them this travel list, courtesy of Below we have listed the most essential elements for making sure you have wonderful bachelor party travels:

Enough changes of clothes appropriate for the vacation climate (Day and Evening wear)
Workout ware
Swim Suites
Jacket, sweatshirt/sweatpants
Shoes and sandals if by water
Condoms for the "just in case"
Toiletries (deodorant, clippers, hair brush, cologne, toothbrush, toothpaste)
Contact solution, case and pair of glasses just in case
Spending money
Credit Card
Cell phone and cord charger
Books and Magazines
Pillow if desired
Water bottle/Alcohol (to save money since it is expensive in hotels)
Snacks/Favorite candy
Discount cards if needed
Pad of paper/Pen
Bachelor Party Supplies
Resort Confirmation
Passport (if needed)
Flight Ticket with back up copy in wallet or pocket
Hangover Medication

It is also important for you to think about what is needed to do at home prior to leaving on the bachelor party trip. Below we have listed a helpful checklist to use prior to your leave:

Ask neighbors to take out your trash (if trash day)
Pet care/Kennel
Emergency #'s and Itinerary for family
Change litter
Enough food and water for pet if only going for one day
A light left on (possibly radio) to protect house
Set alarm
Water plants
Check doors and appliances
Turn down air conditioning
Pay bills
Fix up place so you come back to a clean home

Click here for a printable copy of our checklist


We hope these bachelor party checklist suggestions help in having you think about where your party will be. Check out or bachelor party entertainment ideas and location ideas pages to get more ideas on where you want your destination to be. Have a great time at your bachelor party. Let us know if you think of any additional bachelor party travel list items for us to add at



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