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Tips For A Successful Bachelor Party When Hiring a Stripper

Bachelor Party StripperIf you are one of the lucky ones going to a bachelor party this season and are planning on hiring a bachelor party stripper, it is important to read the information below which will help in planning successful entertainment. This information was written by a seasoned bachelor party entertainment company out of Florida that wants to help you plan a successful party no matter what state you are in. Follow the golden rules below and you are off and running for a memorable time in stripperland:

1) Be flexible on the time. Quality bachelor party strippers will usually have other parties that night. If you give them a time range they will be more focused on putting on a great performance instead of watching the clock so they are not late to their next party. We recommend at least a one to two hour time range.

2) Have at least two armless chairs. Your bachelor party stripper can do a lot more for the men with an armless chair with no wheels in the center of the room.

3) Please remove all pets from the room. The stripper will not be amused when a dog jumps on her while she is trying to perform. You will not be amused when she accidently steps on fluffy.

4) Please keep children in the other room. It's an awkward scene when the stripper is naked giving lap dances and a four year old little boy comes in looking for daddy.

5) Keep all other music and TVs off. The bachelor party entertainer will have her own music. Having other music playing when she walks in will hinder her performance and potentially frustrate her.

6) Have a parking spot for the stripper. Some of these ladies drive two hours or more to perform for you. They will appreciate it if they can just pull up and park.

7) Have tip money ready. It slows down the tempo of the show if the guys have to dig in their wallet to get tip money. Tell them to have at least $20-$50 each ready to tip her. Ask the stripper agency up front about tipping and they should tell you what is helpful to make for a great time.

8) Have some water ready for her. Stripping is very hard work and they will get thirsty. Give her a sealed water bottle so she is not worried about someone tainting her water.

9) Treat them with respect. The ladies will have rules. Please follow them because they are there to entertain you. They do not want to be spanked hard or have their naked picture on the internet. Make them feel comfortable and they will put on a better show.

10) Ask them prior to starting if they are hungry or want anything. Pleasing the stripper and being cool will make her potentially want to stay longer!

How to choose the right company

1) Don't go with companies that promise a certain stripper. Many companies will promise whatever stripper you choose just to get the sale. Most of the time you will not get that stripper. Some pictures are fake, some are strippers in other states and even the real strippers in your area usually cannot commit to a party until they know their schedule. They are not going to commit to one party in your area when they could get three in another area.

2) Go with a local company over a nationwide company. The local bachelor party stripper company will almost always be better because they actually know the strippers. They meet them and train them. A nationwide bachelor party entertainment company often will charge more money and call the local company. If the company has links to other states then they are not local. If they have an 800 number they are not local.

3) Avoid companies that promise certain times. None of these companies can predict the future, so if they say the bachelor party dancer will stay 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes they are lying. A full show can last 20 minutes to three hours, so there is no way to predict it ahead of time. A company that charges less for 30 minutes will have the dancer stop the show after that time and ask for more money. That will ruin your party.

4) Go with a company that will answer all of your questions. Their job is to make sure you are comfortable before the stripper arrives. They should be friendly and willing to take the time to help you.

5) Get recommendations. Ask buddies who they used at their bachelor party as well as look at the reputable companies on this site - bachelor party fun. They have been screened and have no complaints from millions of visitors that use this site.

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