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Co-ed Bachelor Party Planning

A recent trend in bachelor party planning is having a co-ed bachelor party and bachelorette party together. We feel as couples seem to be getting married later in life than earlier in history, more and more bachelor(ette) parties are celebrated together. If you are going to have a bachelor party together with the bachelorette's, here are some helpful tips in making both the bride and groom's "last night out" successful together:

1) Plan the party together with the best man and maid of honor: - If you are having a co-ed party, make sure you plan it with co-ed help. You don't want the party to be all about having tea or going to a spa as well as not having it about drinking beer and partying with female dancers. Our suggestion is to have both males and females present from the wedding party to plan the bachelor party and bachelorette party. Make sure to exchange emails as much of it can be done via Email. Throwing a whole bunch of ideas out early is the key and have everyone be able to select a combination party that will work out for the bachelorettes and groomsmen.

2) Decorations for Both: Make sure to plan on decorating any room that you will be in (i.e., home party, hotel room, bar) with both bachelor party supplies and bachelorette party supplies as this will create a festive atmosphere for both the men and women. Make sure no-one will be offended when purchasing the novelty items for both the men and women or go with more classical and conservative items.

3) Separate Gender Time: Even though the party will be with bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as couples, it is always good to have some time for the men and women to do their own thing. Make sure to plan a little time for male bonding and female bonding during the party. Events like the women going to a Spa during the day and men going to play golf or to a professional sports game are always great ideas. The men and women can then reconvene all together in the evening for dinner. This is the best of both worlds if planned correctly. If you are having a bachelor party and bachelorette party over a two night period, it is fun to have one night for a separate girls/guys night out and the other co-ed. This way, the girls can act like the Divas they are and the men can regress!

4) Dinner Together: No matter what is planned, it is always nice for the men and women to have the big "Last Night Out" dinner together. Whether at a home party or out of town at a restaurant, it is a great time to all celebrate together. A great idea during dinner is to have the bachelor and bachelorette decide what to order for the table if everyone is sharing. Make sure that everyone knows that they will be covering the meals for both the bachelor and bachelorette. A great way is to split the check equally for everyone so you are not short changed with so many people attending.

5) Theme Party: A co-ed party is a great time to have everyone dress up in theme clothing. Some great ideas can be found here for the bachelorettes and here for the bachelors. Such ideas as Disco clothing, Brides of Frankenstein/Frankenstein, Playmates and Hugh Heffner, Toga Party and many more will make it memorable for all.

6) Co-Ed Games: A great ice breaker is to come with bachelor party and bachelorette party games to play when everyone is together. The most popular co-ed game is like the old Newlywed Game where the maid of honor and best man ask the bride and groom questions about one another separately. Questions like, "What is your fiancés favorite TV Show, Color, Favorite Star, etc) can be fun with seeing how many they can get right about their soon to be wife and husband! Another great game is to send both on a scavenger hunt of funny things and to see if the men or women get the most done within 30 min or one hour! Other great games can be found for bachelorettes here and for bachelors here.

7) Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas: Some helpful ideas on events that can be planned in a mixed crowd include:

Spa with Sports Club
Away Trip (especially to Las Vegas)
Party Bus with Bar Hopping

We hope you find this co-ed bachelor party and bachelorette party information helpful. Let us know if you have any great ideas by emailing us at



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