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Origins of the Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party InformationBachelor party events have been around for ages with one definition stating: A male party held for a bachelor (usually on the night before he is married). The way we see it, the definition of a bachelor party is a pre-marriage party, celebrating and recognizing the end of single hood one last time for the male who is getting married. In Europe, this celebration is called Stag night while in Canada it is known as stag party, in South Africa it is known as a Bull's Party and in Australia as a Buck's party.

Other variations of the term include:
Junggesellenabschied = Germany
Enterrement De Vie De Garcon = France

The term Bachelor itself means young knight and the term Bachelor Party did not appear until 1922 when it was used in the journal: Chambers' Journal of Literature, Science and Arts where it described the last night out as a "jolly old party". It is common for the bachelor party to be thrown by the Best man and his groomsmen as well as all the guys to help pay for some of the bachelor party entertainment, amenities and some fun and zany economical bachelor party supplies. There are also typically themes and bachelor party games that are played throughout the evening along with alcohol and lap dances.

By the definition is - A man who is not and has never been married. This is the poor sap we call the groom-to-be who is known as the bachelor. He is the one we focus all of our attention on hazing throughout the evening and he is thrown a memorable last night out by you and your buddies. An important thing to keep in mind is that it is his last moment of freedom so make it one that he would enjoy and don't do things he is not going to appreciate.

The guys who are in the wedding and also traditionally invited to the bachelor party. There are other friends that can be invited as well that may not be a groomsman nor invited to the wedding as traditions have changed, especially due to the economy.

Bachelor Party
This definition in Wikipedia states - A party given for a man who is about to get married, typically attended by men only. The bachelor party, is the pre-wedding party that is thrown throughout the ages to symbolize his last night of freedom. It is usually paid for by the guys going to the event who all share in expenses. In more recent times, due to the economy, the bachelor sometimes will also pay for a portion of his party.

The bachelor party history goes back to 5th century B.C. where ancient Spartans were the first to celebrate the grooms last night out as a single man. Spartan soldiers made a dinner for the groom-to-be and made toasts throughout the evening. Another trace back into bachelor history was in 1896 when Herbert Barnum Seeley, P.T. Barnum's grandson, threw a bachelor party where the police raided the party after hearing of belly dancers that were going to perform nude! Even better was Jimmy Stewart's famous party in Beverly Hills at Chasen's when midgets popped out of a cake.

Modern bachelor parties have made the news time and time again whether it has been the allegations of Mario Lopez and Nick Lachey getting accused of getting together with bachelor party strippers or drunken fights and craziness erupting. What made it really popular is one of Tom Hank's first movie hits Bachelor Party where he played a guy getting married with this friends throwing him a wild last night out! This movie was filled with the extreme of bachelor party zaniness including donkeys, drugs, and dames.

Although the stereotype of a bachelor party includes Las Vegas and strippers (and possibly even midgets), the new trends of this last night out partying has changed and includes other fun entertainment such as golfing, fishing, going to a concert, sports event, rock climbing, river rafting and many more! It is common for guys to go away on a weekend trip and have dinner at one of the favorite restaurants while enjoying the hazing and comradery. It has also become common for the groom and bride-to-be to bring all their friends together and have a joint bachelor(ette) party, which is also known as different names in other countries outside of the US including "stag and doe", "Jack and Jill," and "stag and hen".

Bachelor party planning is usually thrown a few weeks in advance of the wedding and planned a few months in advance. Having advanced notice helps in making sure that party goers can attend, along with games and supplies ordered in time and reservations for the entertainment and transportation are booked. Although it is customary for the best man and groomsmen to plan the party, it is important that what is planned fit the bachelor's personality so there is a comfort level and relaxation without embarrassment and fear. The ultimate goal of the last night out is for great memories along with friendship bonding - lasting for a lifetime.

Bachelor Party Gifts
Many companies sell great bachelor party gifts to those that organize bachelor parties, which include packs of themed bachelor party games, bachelor supplies and other various novelties. You can find many of these products throughout our bachelor party site and can click on the cigar navigation to the left to see some of the wide variety of items we carry that make the party that much more fun!

Bachelor Party Venue
The location of the bachelor party was typically at a bar or club but has changed during the years to include away trips to Las Vegas, and other places throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe. What originally started as a one night affair, has grown into weekend getaways, full week trips or cruises and all weeker. Guys need to plan early if this is the case and we have excellent planning advice throughout the site to help make your venue selection easier.

The entertainment for the evening has always been an important part of the last night out. The stereotype is going to a strip club or hiring dancers to come to a hotel room or house. Many still partake in fun behind closed doors (no pictures please type of events). However, many have changed to started to do bachelor entertainment at golf courses, rock climbing/hang gliding, paint ball wars and many more. Think of what you and your buddies would like to do and even combine a day entertainment with having dinner or go to your favorite bar at night. No matter what, make sure the bachelor party entertainment is centered around your buddy who is getting married.



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