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Bachelor Party Themes

Bachelor party theme parties are becoming much more popular these days as everyone wants to be different in what they do for their last night out. Bachelor party themes can be a real fun time for all the guys so think up some interesting and hilarious ideas and get all the dudes to buy in to the theme.

There is nothing worse than having only a few participate in a bachelor party theme which loses its appeal and fun! Give everyone going to the bachelor party enough time to plan out their threads and props.

If you want to be unique with your party and add a little more of a cool vibe, we have listed our top bachelor party theme ideas to use in making your bachelor party a memorable one. Remember to give the guys enough time to plan on what they will wear and not tell them right before the last night out so they have time to get creative and plan elaborate outfits.

Top Themes For Your Bachelor Party

1) Pimp Mac Daddy - It's time to get out the most outlandish shirts, velvet and shiny pants as well as bling as bling as can be and go out to town dress to impress. Make sure the hat or cap are on as you look for the ho's and party like the funky pimps you are. Go to a used clothing place and I am sure you can find the most ridiculous outfits there are! Costume shops as well as our site has a some items that will make you the king pimp.

2) Retro 80's Theme - It is fun to have the bachelor's dress in another time period as the 80's which can include playing 80's music, footloose style clothing as well as Neon. If you are at a bachelor party at a home, you can play movies like footloose, purple rain, etc. The bachelor party can rock with flock of seagulls, men without hats, twisted sister, and many others. Check out our Music Page for more ideas. For a real super bachelorette party 80's theme, you can hire one of America's best known DJ's and television personalities, Richard Blade!

3) Toga/Toga - Time to return to the Animal House for the toga party rituals. Get your best sheets and rope or belt and fig leaves for your hair and party to Otis. This classic theme goes over well when you are out on the town with the ladies!

4) Disco 70's Party - Keeping with the theme of time period, grab your terry cloth and rayon shirts and move to the groove with a 70's Disco Party! There is nothing like oversized glasses, sparkling outfits, paisley designs and loud shirts! Find your favorite place to go and rock out with the guys in your fabulous outfits! There may be Disco band in your area playing, a dance place that plays retro songs, and make sure to make Travolta proud.

5) Bachelor Amazing Race - Just like the popular television show, have the bachelor's split off in equal groups (with a sober driver) and send them on a scavenger hunt at your favorite bars and restaurants. You can all end up at the bachelor's favorite hang out or back at a home for more partying. Make sure to take a lot of pictures as this will be a memorable time!

6) Holiday Theme Tie - If a festive holiday is coming up, it would be fun to tie in the theme of the holiday with the bachelor party. Some ideas we have are listed below:

4th of July: the bachelor's can dress up in 40's clothing, military camo's or as GI's.
Valentine's Day: Dress the bachelor up as cupid, (all in white with wings as fallen angels)
Christmas: Dress as little Elf Helpers, Santa will be the bachelor.
New Years: The bachelor as Father Time (with Happy 2008 as a sash) and the groomsmen can be baby times.
Mardi Gras: Wear Mardi Gras clothing and beads which you can purchase from our site.
St. Patrick's Day: Everyone wear green with the bachelor dressed as a leprechaun.
Halloween: Have everyone dress as zombie groomsmen. Creepy and fun!

There are many ways to tie in holidays to the bachelor party theme. It is fun to see just how creative everyone gets.

7) GI Joe - Supporting our troops is important and nothing says it better than to dress up in military garb. You can go to your local military surplus store and find all types of cool outfits to put together. It is also great to have a fund for raising money for our troops families by donating to the American Red Cross who has a program. Make sure to tell them you want it going to the military family support programs. It is nice to give when we can all have the freedom to do this.

8) Priests and Rabbies - Nothing attracts attention finer than the good ole religious figures. Have the bachelor dress like the high priestess/or rabbi while the others are his disciples giving him guidance. You are sure to have a great time and get loads of laughs! Make sure to bless the women you meet and have a great time. There is nothing better than a religious figure partying and dancing.

9) Superhero Party - A fun and crazy idea is to have all the groomsmen dress up in superhero outfits and save the town. You will make everyone's day when they see Aquaman, Superman, and the rest of the superheroes enter a bar or nightclub. You will make Metropolis safe as well as have an excellent time. If not all groomsmen and guests are into the idea, at least dress the bachelor in a superman outfit or other superhero. Send in your pictures to us with authorization to place them on our site and we will to show just how funny and creative your bachelors got at the bachelor party!

10) Devil or Dracula Party - There is nothing that says "Last Night Out" more than having a Devil or Dracula Party theme. Have all the guys either as devils or Dracula's at the party. It is most customary to make the bachelor the head devil with cool horns and a pitchfork which you can find in any costume store. You can also have all the bachelors wear black and get into the dark/gothic theme. Everyone will be sure to have a fun time preying on the patrons at the bars or restaurants.

11) Bachelor Party Mad Hatter - Have all the groomsmen and guests wear a hat to the bachelor party. Leave it open on the invite and see how crazy some of the bachelor's friends get! Check out our Pimp Hat here or choose something that stands out. Make sure someone has a camera as this will be a night to remember!

12) Glam Rockers - Put your wigs, leather pants and tight spandex open shirts on and party like bachelor party rock stars. These outfits are fun and attract a lot of attention. Speak in fake British accents and carry flash cameras around. If your costumes are authentic enough, you may have the girls wanting autographs and partying with the glam rockers you are! Have the bachelor be the lead rocker and make sure to add fake tattoos if you don't have real ones! You will have a memorable time at the bachelor party in these outfits.

13) Meet the Peckers - This is a hilarious bachelor party with everyone wearing some sort of pecker. Whether you have the pecker nose glasses, pecker head or condom hat you will all be the focus of attention! Dress the bachelor in a full body condom and make sure to wear some mardi gras beads to get the girls to showcase their moves.

14) Gladiator Bachelor Party - Feast and pillage like a roman gladiator. Have all the groomsmen dress like they are noble bachelor party warriors. You can find these types of costumes at any Halloween or party store! Make sure to take over the bar, restaurant or establishment and show them who is ruler of the bachelor party people.

15) Dumb and Dumber Party - Dress up for the evening like Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber. Wear the cheesiest tuxedo with ruffles and pastel coloring you can find with a cane and/or top hat! Make sure to turn up the cheese for this one as you will make everyone's night memorable with your outfits. Party the night away looking for the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Team so you can be their lotion boys.

16) Caveman Bachelor Party - Party like Neanderthals as you grunt and show no manners in these costumes. Having a caveman bachelor party can be a lot of fun as you can be yourselves...The animals you really are! Throw women over your shoulders and eat with your hands while you chug some spirits! Have a great time at your bachelor party as primates!

The important thing is to ask the groom-to-be what type of party he is willing to have as you don't want her uncomfortable at his own party! Give enough time for those going to the bachelor party to be creative and come up with the chosen theme costuming. It is also okay to have one organizer give places where things can be purchased to make it easier on the guys, especially if everyone is in school or working and don't have a lot of time. All in all, have a great and memorable time at the bachelor party since it is one of the most special days with you and your friends before your friend gets married!

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