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Bachelor Party PlanningWhen planning a first time bachelor party or looking for new ideas, we have come to your rescue. Bachelor party planning can be an awesome experience or one filled with last minute preparation that can lead to a buzz kill. We have been given enough requests that we decided it was time to plan the ultimate bachelor party as you will see below. Make sure to plan ahead, as many of the groom's buddies need to plan in advance or they may not be able to go if it is an away party. A bachelor party is optimal to be an all day event with those who cannot take the whole day able to join the party at opportune times:

As stated above, the first bachelor party task is to get all of the potential bachelor party bretheren's names, email addresses and phone numbers. Come up with a list and email with everyone on it so you can easily communicate with everyone. You can also make a bachelor party blog as well, letting everyone know where it is and give everyone updates while you are planning the bachelor party! The earlier you start this process, the more likely almost everyone will be able to attend your buddies bachelor party!

Have the groomsmen show up to a designated point early in the day. Either have pre-selected sober drivers or hire a party bus/limo service.

Go have some fun in the sun. Start off early and play a game of golf, paintball, or an early sports game. Make sure to drink lots of fluids and wear sun screen so you are not tired out for the nighttime festivities!

Time for a change. After being with your buddies during the day, freshen up at someone's house, country club or hotel and get ready for the evening fun. Have the other groomsmen meet that could not attend earlier. Have the groom's buddies dress up with a pre-selected bachelor party theme such as a disco, pimp, superhero, etc. which makes the bachelor party more memorable!

Bring out the bachelor party supplies and bachelor party food as well as gag gifts since it is time to get the party into full gear! Make sure all buddies are introduced if they are coming late that don't know each other. A great idea is to bring some bachelor party games to liven things up! If you want to order anything from our site as we have the best prices for bachelor party supplies, click on the cigar navigation to the left.

Go out to for happy hour at a bar, restaurant, hotel, etc and share some bachelor party roast stories all together. A great place to go is to Las Vegas.

Start the evening bachelor party entertainment with a bachelor party stripper, concert or at a club!

Take the party bus or bachelor party limo out to different clubs, bars, or your favorite places so you can party in style and save in these ridiculous gas prices!

End the evening somewhere where your bachelor party cohorts can sober up (if drinking). You can also have people dropped off so there are no accidents or go back to a hotel!

Other bachelor party planning tips include:

Don't let your bachelor party turn into a sausage fest -- hire a few sexy girls to go out on the town with you! You will be the envy of every man and very desirable to other women if you walk in the club with a few beautiful girls on your arm. Do not waste your money on bar flies that just want to mooch free drinks off you. Having your own women with you at the bachelor party, which will ensure you get all the female attention you need at the clubs, restaurants, private parties, even hockey games.

Golf Course Bachelor party - Treat the bachelor to eighteen signature holes! From sexy caddies to massages at the turn and topless (golf course dependent) shooter girls at each hole, it won't matter how bad the bachelor's swing is that day!

Yacht Parties - Book some bikini or topless girls to frolic with you for an afternoon on your yacht (or a rented one...or even a booze cruise). Buy a "Borat" style speedo and make the bachelor walk the plank if he doesn't wear it! Looking for more to do than sun tanning with babes? Bring some poker sets along and play a tournament while you float around the harbor.

Check out our other bachelor party entertainment and bachelor party location ideas. Also remember that this is the groom-to-be's party and plan the bachelor party around what he wants. Everyone else is just an accessory to the party, even though they want to make it their own.

Go out to for happy hour at a bar, restaurant, hotel, etc and share some bachelor party roast stories all together. A great place to go is to Las Vegas.

I hope you find this bachelor party planner helpful. Please write to us with your bachelor party ideas or pictures so we can post them up for others to see and enjoy! You can contact us at


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