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Bachelor Party Idea of the Month - Summer

Bachelor Party Ideas - SummerThe weather is starting to heat up and if you are reading this, you are about to partake into a journey of bachelor party-hood during the best season there is for a last night out extravoganza! The beauty of Summer is that you can have bachelor parties during the day and/or evening as well as having the party indoors or outdoors! So much to choose from and so little time to plan. For summer, a great idea is to get the Pamela Baywatch blow up doll and have her handcuffed to the groom. Make sure he has a bachelor ball and chain which can be filled with some water for extra weight. To save some money, bring your own alcohol and ask for discounted rates on venues and entertainment places (i.e., golf, concerts, hotel rooms), which will save you and the groomsmen lots of money. Even with bachelor party strippers and bachelor party limos, ask for discounted rates. Below we have listed some more of our favorite summer bachelor party ideas to hopefully help in making your bachelor party a memorable time:

Bachelor Party Picture of the Month
Finally we have found the bachelor party babe who was the mold for all bachelor party blow up dolls. Hats off to this wonderful blondie who can suck the chrome of any trailer hitch! Please send in your bachelor party pictures to and give you first name credit and make someone famous!

Drink of the Month
For Summer, a nice cool refreshing bachelor party shot hits the spot. Our bachelor party shot of the month is:

Bachelor on Acid
1 part Jagermeister
1/2 oz Midori melon liqueur
1/2 oz black raspberry liqueur
1/2 oz pineapple juice
1/4 oz cranberry juice

Shake ingredients with ice and then get ready to party! Make sure to use the bachelor party shot glass since everything tastes better when you drink from it! For more drinks and shots, check out our bachelor party drinks page.

Bachelor Party Jokes of the Month
A great ice-breaker during the bachelor party is to have some jokes to liven up and make the group feel more comfortable. Below are some of our favorite:

Pulled Over and Pulled Out
A blond is driving down a deserted highway when she gets pulled over.
The cop gets out of his car and asks if she has been drinking and she replies "No".
So he radios the station and asks what to do.
The cop at the station says "Is she a blond driving a lipstick red corvet?" and the cop replies "Yes".
So the other cop says "What you do is tell her to get out of the car and pull out your willie as you walk up to her".
So the cop does exactlly what the other cop says. The blond gets out of the car and he whips out his willie.
The blond "sighs" and says please not another breathalizer test.

Hawaii Vacation
There was a couple who were big over-spenders. They always dreamed to spend holidays in Hawaii, but were never able to save any money to do so. One day they came up with an idea--each time they had sex, they would put $20.00 bill into a piggy bank.

They bought the piggy, and followed that procedure for about a year. After that time, they decided that there was enough money for their dream vacation and broke the piggy bank. The husband looked at their savings and said: "Isn't it strange. Each time we had sex, I put $20.00 into the piggy. But I see tons of $50.00 bills and a few $100.00 bills."

The wife replied, "Do you think that everybody is as stingy as you are?"

We hope you enjoy these bachelor party jokes. For more jokes, check out our bachelor party jokes page and practical jokes.

Movie of the Month
I would highly suggest you start the bachelor party early in the afternoon and see The Hangover 2 which is about a bachelor party brunch that goes very sour (and hilariously funny). It was written by the same person that brought us the Original Hangover, Old School (other bachelor party favorites) and stars Bradley Cooper (from Wedding Crashers), Ed helms (The Office), and our favorite bachelor party hero and the brilliant Zach Galifianakis. For more bachelor party movie ideas, check out our bachelor party movie page.

Bachelor Party Entertainment of the Month
When I say bachelor party you say bachelor party strippers which is definitely one option. Other entertainment for the summer months can range from enjoying some indoor racing excitement.

Bachelor Party Location of the Month: Mexico
Mexico is our place for summer bachelor parties. Can you imagine staying in a huge mansion in the beaufiful part of Mexico! Check out Mexico Mansion where all your dreams may come true as you and the bachelors party like rock stars for a memorable bachelor party weekend!

Bachelor Party Product of the Month: Boobie Squirt Guns
There is nothing better than to squirt the groomsmen during the heat of summer with a boobie water gun or Mini Boobie Squirt Gun Keychain. These items are perfect for summer and are even more fun when you fill them up with milk (just like the real thing).



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