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Bachelor Party Idea of the Month - Saint Patrick's Day

Bachelor Party IdeasMarch Madness and Green Beer on St. Patty's Day
If you are planning and/or having a bachelor party in March, get ready for some midget leprechauns, march madness and vats of green beer! What is better than combining the Spring season holiday partying theme into your bachelor party! Even a little hint of St. Patty's for the bachelor by dressing him up as a leprechaun or getting a blow up doll and dressing her up as a cute Irish girl looking for her pot of gold! Make sure to add some green Mardi Gras beads. Below we have listed some of the more popular and wild bachelor party ideas of the month:

Picture of the Month
There is nothing better than a hot Irish girl with her midget pimp stripper and a pot of gold for the taking! Go to an irish pub for the big night out and sing some Irish songs! Just make sure to not get the bachelor or any groomsmen into any fights as you know those Irish!

Drink of the Month
Here is our shot of the month of March:

Irish Car Bomb
of a pint Guinness Stout
shot Bailey's Irish Cream
a shot of Jameson Irish whiskey

Place the Bailey's in first, followed by the Jameson whiskey in the shotglasss. Pour the Guinness (or your favorite similar beer) into a glass or mug and let settle. Drop the shot glass in fast and drink before the mix curdles! Good luck with that and after two you should be seeing flying leprechauns who taunt you with golden slugs.

See more of our favorite bachelor party drinks and make sure to get a sober driver or rent a bachelor party limo.

Bachelor Party Joke of the Month
Here are some excellent Irish jokes for your bachelor party

An Irish man is sitting a bar drinking
A flamboyantly gay man comes up to him and asks, "can I give you a blow job?"
The Irishman stands up and punches the gay man.
The bar tender comes over and asks, "Why did you hit that guy?"
The Irish man replied, "He said somethin about me gettin a job"
For more bachelor party jokes, visit our bachelor party jokes page.

Movie of the Month
So I Married an Axe Murderer! Prior to the huge fame of Michael Myers from Saturday Night Live, this crazy movie is about a Scottish son who finally marries a hottie (played by Nancy Travis). Again Michael Myers plays multiple characters (like his Scottish father who is completely off his rocker) and there are tons of movie lines while you are drinking in your party bus, at a hotel room or in home party! Check out other hit bachelor party movies that we recommend.

Entertainment of the Month
If you like speed for March, check out K1Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing! These go-carts are fast and furious which is a great way to start the adrenaline pounding time for the bachelor party. You can find K1 Speed in CA and WA. If you are out of state, check your local listings for some Go Kart or Dune Buggies like in Vegas at our pick Sun Buggie Fun Rentals. Tell them "Bachelor Party Fun" sent you and they will take great care of you!

City of the Month
Oh Canada. Okay, so they don't have Irish accents but they still sound different than us folks! Canada is an amazing place to have your bachelor party, check out Montreal VIP and you will have a ragin time!

Product of the Month
Our pick for a bachelor party supply is the Bachelor Party Backpack which comes with all the essentials in one sack that can be carried around by the one who draws the smallest straw (or has the smallest pecker). It has games, poker chips, blow up dolls and much more! Another great tasting bachelor party supply is the chocolate covered bachelor party naughty candy. This candy is in the shape of a boob and has sugar coated candies (like M&M's) which melt in your mouth and not in your hands!

Game of the Month
You cannot go wrong with the bachelor party blow up doll of Pamela Anderson. This hottie is still our favorite and you can dress her in Saint Patty's day colors and undies to hang out with you and the groomsmen.

Bachelor Party Ideas Main Page

We hope you enjoyed these bachelor party tips. Come back and visit us as we will have more tips in the coming months for you to hopefully use at your own or a friend's bachelor party. Email us with any questions or ideas at



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