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Bachelor Party Idea of the Month - Halloween

Month of October - Boo
Bachelor Party PictureThis bachelor party month of October is an awesome time for preparing to wind down the last three months of the year with tons of holidays and great ideas for tying into the bachelor party. This Fall month has Halloween and the weather cooling down. There are tons of great ideas to tie in such as a bachelor party theme party where all the guys dress up in pimp daddy outfits or in togas, seventies, superheroes, etc. It is always fun to at least dress up the bachelor in some type of costume. Check out the funny story on our Larry of the Month page where we discuss one group of friends who dressed their bachelor up in a superman outfit and he tried to stop a stripper's corvette in Las Vegas by putting his hand out while in costume! Check out some of the other cool information below that may help you plan your bachelor party:

Picture of the Month
Why do we like the Halloween season so much...because women love to dress very sexy for the holiday! It is not about a kids holiday anymore. Check out the adult Halloween information on Halloween Online. Even bachelorette parties during October dress up in slinky outfits! Our hats off to girls that like to look like adult stars or hookers (As Arthur stated in the movie "Arthur", "Are you a hooker! I thought I was doing great with you!")

Drink of the Month
Bachelor Party Smashing Pumpkin- For the bachelor party Halloween season, check out the smashing pumpkin shot!

1/3-1/2 ounce Kahlua
1/3 ounce Baileys Irish Cream
1/3 ounce goldschlager
cinnamon (optional)

Add Bailey's, Goldschlager and Kahlua to an ice filled shaker and shake. Then pour into a bachelor party shot glass. You can ignite the shot by adding a little 151 to the top and sprinkle cinnamon on the flame to "cook" and for a cool effect. Blow out and serve. Just make sure to have a sober driver or limousine company if you are drinking these. Check out our bachelor party drinks page for more bachelor party beverage ideas.

Bachelor Party Joke of the Month
Here is a funny joke of the month. Of course it is girl related but we will be doing more bachelor party jokes in the months to come:

God created woman, and she had 3 breasts.He said to the woman, "Is there anything on you that you'd like to change?"She said, "Yes. Could you get rid of this middle breast?"God snapped his fingers and it was done.She exclaimed, holding the third breast in her hand, "What am I going to do with this useless boob?"And God created man. For more bachelor party jokes, visit our bachelor party jokes page.

Movie of the Month
National Lampoon's Animal House - There is no better movie for guys than seeing John Belushi, heavy drinking, revenge and fraternity mayhem all on one screen! "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" This amazing multi-liner movie will be recited by everyone in the room. Make sure to play a great bachelor party game of drinking everytime someone in the movie drinks or cusses! You are sure for a fun time at the bachelor party with this classic!

Club of the Month
Pacha - NYC - Pop your cherry at Pacha before you walk down the aisle. Come and celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party with your closest friends at Pacha NY- recently named the Best US club in 2009. This 30,000 square foot, multi-tiered venue offers a variety of music from House to Hip Hop and Mash Ups. Designated VIP areas on each level allow you to enjoy your final nights of freedom with class at your very own VIP table which can be decorated just for you! No night would be complete without a complimentary bottle of Vodka served by our super sexy staff. We offer customized packages with anything from a private complimentary guest list to limo service. So gather up your bridal party and let loose before you tie the knot! Address: 618 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036 * Tele: 212.209.7509

Bachelor Party LocationsCity of the Month
Mexico is the place to be during your bachelor party. There is nothing like going with the guys down for a little RnR in Mexico and enjoying a little paradise. Check out Mexico Mansion where you can stay in a Mansion with staff and party till the wee hours of the morning. You are sure to have an amazing time for your bachelor party!

If in Canada, party like a Canadian rock star and not wait in lines to all the exclusive clubs and restaurants, check out Montreal VIP and they will take great care of you! Check out our bachelor party location ideas for more information in a city near you.

Product of the Month
One of the best bachelor party items of the Halloween season is to dress the bachelor up in a pimp hat. This tall hat would look great with a leisure suite. Have all the guys dress retro with Mardi Gras beads and other great costume ideas which you can find here.

Game of the Month
The Bachelor Party Pack - Forget about having to piece together some items, check out the bachelor party equipped backpack which includes a Last Night To Be King Crown, Booby Can Top, Inflatable Ball And Chain, Pin the Boobs On The Babe Game, Sexy Poker Chips, Sexy Playing Cards, Condom, All-Day Boobie Sucker, Inflatable Sheep, Moist Personal Lubricant, Sling Style Carry, Lock and Key! Not only do you get games, but also drink materials, wearables and an inflatable sheep for the late night groom festivities! Can anyone say BBBBAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Bachelor Party Ideas Main Page

We hope you enjoyed these bachelor party tips of the month. Come back and visit us as we will have more tips in the coming months for you to hopefully use at your own party. Email us with any questions or ideas at



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